MCC Cable Coating

This latex-based coating cleans up easily with water and is designed to protect grouped electrical cables against the propagation of fire. MCC contains endothermic fillers that absorb heat and release water, limiting the spread of flames along cables and cable trays. The high solids coating eliminates shrinkage and adheres well to virtually all cable jacketing materials providing exceptional coverage rates.

  • Sand-able and paintable (when dry).
  • Safe – low VOCs, no solvents, nonhalogenated.
  • Excellent sealing properties along with high build capabilities.

MCC Saftey Data Sheet PDF

MCC Technical Data Sheet PDF

Tested to FM Approval Class 3971 for Grouped Electrical Cables that are nonflammable coatings and Category A of IEC publication 60332-3-22 and IEC 60331 and IEEE 383/1202

*Consult Technical Services for Most Current Testing & Approvals

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