MRF RTV Firestop Foam

This two-component RTV silicone foam features excellent crack-and-void filling capabilities and provides high resilience to accommodate vibration. MRF is designed as a seal for both deck and bulkhead pipe penetrations, which when properly mixed, expands 2 to 4 times its original volume, filling available spaces and forming an effective barrier against fire, smoke, hot gas and water penetration.

  • Excellent water resistance, adhesion and smoke seal.
  • Uniform cell structure ensures reproducible results every time. No charts to check!
  • Minimal pressure during foaming virtually eliminates shrinkage
  • Elastic properties readily accommodate minor vibration of pipe and conduit
  • Soft setting foam for easy retrofitting of cables.

Saftey Data Sheet Momentive Pensil 200 A PDF

Saftey Data Sheet Momentive  Pensil 200 B PDF

Technical Data Sheet Marine Firestop Foam PDF

Tested to 2010 IMO FTP, Annex 1, Part 3

  • Class A-0 to A-60
  • Class H-0 to H-120 Bulkheads and Decks

*Consult Technical Services for Most Current Testing & Approvals

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