MSS Snap-Seal Cable Plugs

This two-piece device snaps together for easy installation and is ideally suited for single cable penetrations through joiner panels and other types of divisions. MSS was specifically designed for use with surveillance cameras and provides a split design that can be used with new or previously installed cables.

  • Ideal for one or more cables with total O.D. 14 mm (also tested for small metallic and nonmetallic tubes)
  • Steel clip design accommodates a range of division thicknesses (4mm – 12mm)
  • Capable of an IP66 Rating with a thin application of MFS Sealant over the flange (Tested to IEC60529, Edition 2.1)
  • Rapid intumescent expansion under fire conditions quickly seals off the path for fire, hot gases, and smoke

Saftey Data Sheet Snap Seal PDF

Technical Data Sheet Snap Seal PDF

Tested to 2010 IMO FTP, Annex 1, Part 3

  • Class A-0 to A-60
  • Class H-0 to H-120 (Bulkheads)

*Consult Technical Services for Most Current Testing & Approvals

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